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Our business offering
Highly advanced affiliate network

For Advertisers


We receive online payments from your customers and instantly send them to you


We improve both your buyout rates and ARPU


An automatic fraud detection system adaptable for each specific offer


An automatic failure notification system


We provide multi-language functioning and support


Servers all over the world; we do not lose traffic


We provide profound and robust analysis and statistics


Rapid integration with your CRM of any complexity


Our network and all landing pages are effectively protected from DDoS attacks


Our customers may choose both traffic sources and publishers


We have almost all our publishers personally


We have our own sources of traffic


We can put your websites on our own servers


We have our in-house arbitration department


We help to improve your advertizing material CR


We design individual approaches to promote your products


We have our own call center for order processing

For Publishers


Private tracker on the part of the network


Landing customization


We have servers all around the world


We take traffic with the lowest conversion rate of any extent


We pay extra for cross-selling and up-selling (with the consent of the advertiser)


You may use your own transit and landing pages


Agent back offices of all popular CPA networks


Offers worldwide


Ability to work with the use of API


Minimum hold


We make payments to any digital wallet and/or payment service at your request


We keep advertisers' websites on our side


All kinds of affiliate programs (consumer goods, games, applications, services, etc.)


We provide circulating assets


We help to raise your overall traffic sources ROI


We share noteworthy and profitable traffic sources


Our affiliate network and landings are effectively protected from DDoS attacks

  • Постельное бельё

    EPC: 4.10   CR: 2.5%   Аппрув: 64.5%

    Выплата: 550 руб.

    ФСК Лидер

    EPC: 28.5   CR: 5.5%   Аппрув: 80%

    Выплата: от 2000 руб.

    Модульные картины

    EPC: 16.15   CR: 1.26%   Аппрув: 71%

    Выплата: 1300 руб.

  • Колонка JBL Charger2

    EPC: 13.70   CR: 2.3%   Аппрув: 56%

    Выплата: 750 руб.

    Жидкое стекло для авто

    EPC: 18.46   CR: 2.9%   Аппрув: 52%

    Выплата: 700 руб.

    Самоподсекающая удочка

    EPC: 15.25   CR: 3.2%   Аппрув: 62%

    Выплата: 530 руб.

  • Top Model Secret - Жидкие колготки

    EPC: 15.37   CR: 2.5%   Аппрув: 57%

    Выплата: от 600 руб.

    Lamzak надувной диван

    EPC: 21.84   CR: 2.8%   Аппрув: 58%

    Выплата: от 750 руб.

    Бюстгальтер-невидимка Fly Bra

    EPC: 6.55   CR: 1.4%   Аппрув: 54%

    Выплата: от 550 руб.

About us

Artemy Sibirsky

Group Founder, top arbitrator, speaker

Special characteristics of our affiliate network

Individual and systematic approach to each specific business task

EmpireCPA team does its best not only to make money but primarily to satisfy the advertiser's demand in customers.
For us each new task is an opportunity to apply our expertise and gain new experience as well. With every next problem solved we expand our expertise and test new approaches.

We do not use any ready-made platform since we have developed our own. We are completely independent in doing our job.
We are not afraid of heavy workload and we are ready to handle billions of clicks per day.

We have automated and streamlined all routine tasks in order to focus on achieving the desired results.
We can scale easily since we rely on our unique technical solutions.

As a matter of fact, everything we do is done on our own.
That is why we have our own lead generation department, developers, teaser makers, copywriters, designers, analysts, managers, etc.

And perhaps most importantly we love our work and enjoy doing it.

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+7 499 110-31-96

Obraztsova St, 4 / Moscow, Russia

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Contact us and we will tell you how the affiliate marketing and performance marketing work and describe the advantages of CPA model over outdated advertising approaches.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Advertisers define an action and its cost whereas payment is made only when the desired result is achieved.

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